Kapi Residences is an off-campus student housing company that provides top-of-the-line, community-oriented residential services to students, education institutions and property owners. Our mission is to create communities of off-campus housing for students to study, socialize and most importantly thrive. From start to finish, we combine the human touch of our engaged Kapi team and a streamlined on-line application and resident management system.

Kapi Residences works with

  • students, whether they are looking for housing for the academic year or during a summer internship.
  • universities and community colleges to make sure they are providing the housing services they need to their students.
  • property owners, large and small, to manage all aspects of the student housing interface in a seamless way.

Kapi Team

Our team brings together seasoned and dedicated property managers, residential service advisors, student mentors, project managers, operations, and marketing gurus who are passionate and visionary about the future of student housing. Each of us come with a different set of skills, which has resulted in the continued growth of the company and team members.

Our Core values
The Kapi team adheres to five core values that shapes our company and reflects in our daily work and the long-term strategy of Kapi Residences.