1. What is the application procedure?
  2. Simple! Once the student applies on our website, we will approve it within 24-48 hrs and guarantee their place. Two weeks before their move in date, the leasing agreement will be sent for signing and the process will be complete.
  3. Does my daughter/son need a cosigner?
  4. Only if she/he is under 18. In this case, we require one of the parents or relatives to be a cosigner on the application. Cosigners receive a separate application and lease, and need to attach a copy of a valid current photo ID.
  5. What do I have to pay when submitting my daughter/son’s application?
  6. Application is free. Once the application is approved, the student can pay the holding deposit and guarantee their place. The holding deposit will convert to a security deposit once student moves in.
  7. Can my daughter/son use financial aid to pay for housing?
  8. Yes, as long as it’s coordinated with the school. You can speak with your daughter/son’s school when applying for financial aid, and let them know that he/she will need funds for living expenses. Since financial aid is typically paid to student directly, the student needs to coordinate how the funds get from the school/other third party to Kapi Residences.
  9. How is the check-in procedure?
  10. Fast and easy. Students will receive an email with time and move in location after signing their lease. They will need to show a valid photo ID at check-in.
  11. What are the move in charges?
  12. Before moving in, the student needs to pay a one-time placement fee and the first month’s rent.
  13. How do I pay for my daughter/son’s housing fees? What methods of payment are accepted?
  14. We manage payments online and in person. Our Kapi Tenant Portal allows students to make payments from all over the world. We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments. Personal check, cashier’s check or money orders are also accepted.
  15. Shall I do monthly payments or pay all at once?
  16. It depends. If their lease agreement is only for one quarter, an advance payment for the quarter is required. However, if they are in a longer lease (semester or academic year) you can opt for monthly payments. Our Kapi Tenant Portal has a reminder option and an auto-pay feature to avoid late payments.
  17. What is an individual lease?
  18. It is a lease only for your their space. Therefore, if one of their roommates is delinquent, cancels their lease or damages the apartment, they won’t be affected. The student is only liable for her/himself.
  19. How are roommates matched?
  20. Students will be placed together based on factors such as gender, attending school and school year. For example, a female student that is attending to UC Irvine as a freshman, will be placed with another female student who is also attending UC Irvine as a freshman. If the student has any special requests, they need to inform the placement advisor during the application process to make sure they are accommodated properly.
  21. What if my daughter/son does not get along with his/her roommate?
  22. Our Residential Advisors will take part in a conversation with both students to try to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be easily resolved, Kapi Residences will consider other options, including relocating one or both students within the community.
  23. What are the parking options?
  24. There are assigned parking spaces available for a monthly fee. Students need to contact the Placement Department to request this. Parking will be assigned to students within 48 hours of request.
  25. Does my daughter/son need to bring their own bed sheets and towels?
  26. No. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, including kitchen supplies, towels and bedroom linens.